Category: Preprocessing


First steps and first files

After having seen all the concepts that are interesting to discuss at the same time as Sass, it is important to start to draw up our first files and our first lines of code in order to put all this in activity.


How to distribute partial files

SassScript goes well beyond the simple use of variables or mixin, we will explore an approach to work with a much more successful template to design our site or application development.


Setting Sass with Compass

Although Compass is no longer maintained, we will see an approach that uses it and allows us to continue to benefit without compromising our productions.


Deploy Sass effectively

Since democratization and the use of preprocessors, various concepts, mainly based on object-oriented programming, have emerged and allow us to approach Sass in a very modular way.


Understanding and using Sass

This present series will not cover Sass syntax, but will look at how to use Sass and develop concepts allowing us to exploit the best of the possibilities Sass has to offers.